The Glass Palace
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The Glass Palace

Amitav Ghosh


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Neighbours, Burma and India, over three generations

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This historical novel was a labour of love for Amitav Ghosh, it took him five years to complete and encompasses almost a century of history. It introduces a young Indian boy Rajkumar, who lives in Burma before the British invade, at the time when the Royal family still resides in The Glass Palace. There we meet the Queen of Burma, a formidable character and a young maid servant called Dolly. Rajkumar grows up and gets involved in the colonial Teak trade, is successful and becomes an entrepeneur. The tables are turned again when WWII and the Japanese arrive. Family and fortune, once found are now lost, but it doesn't end there. A gripping saga of the plight of Burma and of cultures merging while encountering modernity.