Freakonomics Rev Ed
Freakonomics Rev Ed

Freakonomics Rev Ed

Steven D. Levitt; Stephen J. Dubner


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Bristol, UK
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Anything you thought you knew about climate change or prostitution will be reversed by this fact filled comedy duo Levitt and Dubner. Don't let the name put you off - Freakonomics is easy to read and very amusing - it will fill you with conversation topics for your next dinner party!

San Diego
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Love the title, didn't love the book

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Freakonomics just sounds like it would be such a fascinating read. The title really gets me! However, I found this book boring and pretentious. I think I am in the minority with this view. I have talked to others who really like this book.

The book reaches conclusions based on careful studies of data, but I found most of these conclusions to be not nearly as shocking or interesting as Levitt would have one believe. Most of their studies didn't really prove anything of value to me.

I also felt the book was rather meandering. Levitt and Dubner just go on and on about topics way too long touting their brilliance. The tone of the work left me irritated.