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eBooks.com Online Reader is a new site from eBooks.com that will help you discover more books to love, get closer to authors and find like-minded book-lovers.

You can catalog your book collection, post lists of your favourite books, join discussions about books and authors, and a lot more.

There are over 100,000 books with previews and excerpts for you to try. We're currently loading thousands of free books onto eBooks.com Online Reader that you can read, right here, right now online. Connect with authors. Get involved in a discussion. Read and write reviews. Find your literary soul mates.

Look for the "Start reading now" button and you'll be able to open a book and just start reading. There's no software to install.

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As an active member of the eBooks.com community, we know you love books.

We'd like to invite you to trial eBooks.com Online Reader before we open it to the public. eBooks.com Online Reader is a community-driven place and will become interesting as more people use it. Right now, it's waiting for the gates to open and for people to start creating bookshelves, writing reviews, connecting with each other.

We'd love you to get in there first, look around, give us your thoughts and post some reviews, engage in discussions. Are you interested?

To sweeten the deal, we've created a special offer for a select group of eBooks.com customers who join the private beta of eBooks.com Online Reader:

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