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Explore thousands of books in the Online Reader catalog. By browsing or searching the catalog, you'll find popular fiction and non-fiction books, as well as educational and business titles. Books in the Online Reader catalog are a mix of classic and contemporary titles, and include many out-of-print books.

The Online Reader catalog is constantly growing with content from members and publishers.


Start reading commercial titles using 20-page previews for many books. If you like what you've read, go ahead and buy the book in ebook or print book format.

Recommendations & top 10's Online Reader top-10 lists, and suggestions are driven by ratings – our ratings filter out the publisher hype and present the authentic responses of thousands of real readers..

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You can read any public domain title online, in full. There's no need to wait for special software to be installed.

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Expand the Online Reader catalog by adding information about books, including out-of-print titles. Or improve the Online Reader catalog by correcting and updating the details of existing books.