100 Novels - How Many Have You Read?

100 Novels - How Many Have You Read?

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In 2001, in the wake of 9/11, Jane Smiley was having trouble writing and decided to read 100 novels. In 2005, she published 13 Ways Of Looking At A Novel, which is part autobiography, part writing instruction, part literary criticism. Smiley, who taught graduate courses in creative writing at Iowa State University, has plenty to say on the subject of novels - their history, psychology, morality, art. She walks the reader step-by-step through the publication of her novel Good Faith, and offers 2 chapters of advice to aspiring writers about how to write "a novel of your own." In the second half of the book, Smiley individually considers the 100 novels that she read, offering her thoughts on each one. This is a completely subjective list and it doesn't come with a pretentious title, suggesting that these are THE books that should be read before you die. They're just a list that an accomplished writer decided were the books SHE wanted to read. So how many have you read? Start a bookshelf of the books you've already read from this list. Join the group and put in your two cents' worth.

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elinesca   Hi Sadegh, if you want to bypass the page limitations, you have to buy the book - just click the "buy now" button in the top left corner of the reader in the red Preview area - it will take you to ebooks.com where you can buy the book. After you have bought it, it will be available to you here as well. Please email me if you need more help or if it doesn't work?
8 years ago

sadegh   how can i read my desired book when they are limited for review ?how can i get ride of the limitation ?i can not pass over pages more than 10 pages?
8 years ago